Love and money: Dating sites help NBA teams, and married people get extra cash

Love and Money. Basketball players aided by apps. Married couples trolling dating sites, but not looking for dates, they’re looking for money. You can find happiness, but you should probably do what your personality type suggests. When, during the day, can make a difference when buying gas? Passive investors may not be as passive as they think they are.

Investing style

What Type of Investor Are You? Active, Passive or DIY Investing? – People might think of themselves as passive investors, but since most individual investors — those investing actively or passively — tend to underperform the markets, it’s safe to presume that we are lousy investors. We act on impulse. We say we are in it for the long haul, but we buy and sell based on today’s news events. Still think you are a passive investor?

Money and Happiness

Money Buys Happiness When Spending Fits Our Personality – That’s actually the name of a recent study. In this study, researchers set out to determine the relationship between money, happiness, and your personality type: introvert or extrovert. The abstract from the study states:

In a field study using more than 76,000 bank-transaction records, we found that individuals spend more on products that match their personality, and that people whose purchases better match their personality report higher levels of life satisfaction. This effect of psychological fit on happiness was stronger than the effect of individuals’ total income or the effect of their total spending.

Essentially, given the same amount of money to spend, the study found that introverts would be happier buying a book and staying at home and reading, while extroverts would rather spend that money at a bar with friends. The study suggests that if you want happiness, you should stay true to your personality type.

If you are going out for drinks

For all you extroverts, spending time in a bar, here are 14 simple hacks every wine drinker should know. Well, these ideas are more for the stay-at-home drinker — hopefully that’s with others. These tips might come in handy; the might make you look like a boy scout or MacGyver.

When you buy gas makes a difference? Who knew?

How to Get the Best Gas Prices – The difference between buying gas a “gas station A” and “gas station B” could cost you more than you think. Sure it sounds like it’s just a few cents difference, but let’s say the difference is 25 cents a gallon. If you put in 10 gallons a week, that’s $2.50. Over a year, that’s $130. What if the difference was 50 cents a gallon? That would be $260 a year. It can really add up.

The article discusses several things you should do in order to save money on gas. Using an app is easy and logical. You can find out where the cheapest gas is. It could be near your home, near where you work, or somewhere along the way.

The article also shows you that when (during the day) you buy gas may be as important as where you buy gas. Different times of the day matters? Who knew?

Thinking about college? It’s likely you can’t afford it

A family earning over $105,000 still can’t afford more than half of U.S. colleges – Here a sobering thought, many people can’t afford college. Getting a college degree dramatically increases your earning potential, but few can afford to pay for school.

According to an analysis published Thursday by the Institute for Higher Education Policy, a nonprofit focused on equity in higher education, students from families earning more than $100,000 a year could only afford 41% of the schools.

Students from poorer backgrounds couldn’t afford more than 90% of the colleges. The analysis defined affordability as being able to pay for college through a combination of savings — 10% of discretionary income for 10 years leading up to college — and earnings from a student working 10 hours a week.

Love and Money: Dating sites help NBA players and married couples

Love and Basketball: NBA road teams are playing better; thanks to Tinder

love and money

Post game rituals have including trawling bars to find companionship. Thanks to today’s apps, these pro basketball players can get right to the point, save time, get more sleep, be sharper for their next game. NBA are using online dating apps to find companionship while they are on the road. And it’s led to a major shift in the performance of teams when they’re away from their home arenas.

Twenty years ago, home teams won 68% of NBA games, but today they only win 57% of the time, an all-time low, according to ESPN. “It’s absolutely true that you get at least two hours more sleep getting laid on the road today versus 15 years ago,” a former NBA All-Star told ESPN.

When the internet was first getting going back in the 90’s, I told a friend that it would just be used for porn. Clearly, I was wrong.

Married people on looking for money, not romance

Married People Ruin British Airways Promos By Flooding Dating Sites For Singles 

Not content to let the unmarrieds of the world have all the free frequent flier miles, a veritable flood of married travelers overwhelmed a pair of British Airways promotions on dating sites and eHarmony

The promotion offered 150 British Airways frequent flier points for every dollar spent by a new member on the dating site. While Match is only intended to be used by singles, that didn’t stop married travelers from trying to rack up points with fake Match profiles. The Wall Street Journal reports that one U.S. customer paid $215 to the site, earning 32,250 points.

Regardless, married people creating fake profiles… this can’t be good for their marriages, I don’t care how much money they are getting from this airline promotion.

image credit: Anuj Chaman

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