Majority Agree With Obamacare Contraception Rule

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Do you think that employers should be required to included contraception as part of their health plan?

A contraceptive mandate is a state or federal regulation or law that requires health insurers, or employers that provide their employees with health insurance, to cover some contraceptive costs in their health insurance plans. In 1978, the U.S. Congress made it clear that discrimination on the basis of pregnancy was discrimination on the basis of sex. In 2000, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that companies that provided insurance for prescription drugs to their employees but excluded birth control were violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) on 23 March 2010. As of 1 August 2011, contraception was added to a list of preventive services covered by the ACA that would be provided without patient co-payment. The federal mandate applies to all new health insurance plans in all states from 1 August 2012

This is a question that has been presented to a group of Americans recently in a poll by NBC.

The results indicated that just over half of Americans polled felt that birth control should be a required to include it.

An NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll found 53% of Americans believed that employers who opposed the use of birth control should not be exempt from the coverage requirement in the 2010 federal health law. Some 41% said employers who had objections should have the same exemption as religious organizations. Around 6% said they were not sure.

Personally, I think it’s logical, however what if the business owners have moral objections to this? Let’s go to the extreme and look at a church group. Let’s assume that the church group hires lay people to do various tasks (gardening, handymen, bookkeeping) and these people would be on the church’s health plan. Should the church (which presumably is opposed to contraception) be forced to include it in its health plan?

Just food for thought. What do you think?

source: WSJ and Wikipedia

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