A millennial’s refreshing and informative perspective on personal finance

A millennial’s refreshing perspective on personal finance

http://www.columbian.com/news/2017/jun/14/singletary-millennial-perspective-personal-finance/A millennial’s refreshing (and informative) perspective on personal finance. During graduation season, I get a lot of requests to recommend a personal finance book for a young adult.



What are my financial must-dos as a newlywed?

http://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Ask-Brianna-What-are-my-financial-must-do-s-as-a-11216126.phpSend your questions about postgrad life to askbrianna@nerdwallet.com. An occupational hazard of dispensing personal finance advice is that money matters are never far from my mind.



Financial Lessons From My Father

https://dyernews.com/financial-lessons-from-my-father/Where do most people first learn about personal finance? Whether they realize it or not the answer is usually “from their parents.




3 tips to avoid postgraduation money regrets

http://nooga.com/176266/3-tips-to-avoid-postgraduation-money-regrets/The time following college graduation can be exciting, but it also demands young adults start to navigate the world and their own finances.

3 Tips for Women Worried About Their Retirement

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Tips for finding cheap flights

http://www.pressmentor.com/timeandmoney/20170614/tips-for-finding-cheap-flightsTips for finding cheap flights



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