Monday links – People trade way to often

People trade too often – The more you trade, the worse off most of us are. Remember, Buffett is building a simple portfolio of 90% S&P 500 and 10% short-term T-bills for his wife upon his demise. The following graph shows a general view of our trading performance:


Top 10 Investing Apps – There are a lot of investing and other financial tools available to the individual investor in today’s world. Apps are one that shouldn’t be ignored. Conveniently sitting at your fingertips ready to provide analysis, ideas, money management, and other data, apps are one part of today’s technology that investors should cherish and utilize. This list includes ten apps worth considering, several of which I use everyday for investing and other financial aspects of my life.

The TSA is hiring – By now you’ve certainly heard about the long lines at airports lately, well the TSA is trying to solve that by hiring 768 new screeners. They hope to have them hired, trained, and at the gates by mid-June to help alleviate the long lines. Sounds scary that they will have 2-4 weeks of training and be out there protecting us. If you are looking for work, here that link

And then there’s the belief that long lines are here to stay… as long as we have the TSA.

5 Ways to Prevent Your 70-year old self from hating you – The title says it all. This article provides logical decvisions for you to make throughout your life. Although, I’m not really a big fan of life insurance, other than that, I agree with everything else in the article.

Who’s the richest person in your state?



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