Your money, your health, your life, your death

Your Money

Warren Buffett’s (often ignored) advice to mega-rich investors – You should always listed to what Buffett has to say (investing / MarketWatch)

How To Retire With ‘Buckets’ Of Money – How much money do you need to retire comfortably? (money / Forbes)

How to cut deals on your bills – Here are 9 negotiable bills you may have and some firms who will haggle for you (personal finance / Dallas News )

Your Health

How the Republican Health Plan Could Affect You – Millions of Americans may be worse off under the House Republican bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. But some, particularly those who are wealthier, may actually fare better. Example of someone who would be better off:

Image credit: NY Times

Are You Middle Class Enough to Deserve a Health Care Tax Break? You might be middle class. The proposed health care bill suggests that single people making less than $75,000 or married couples earning less than $150,000 would be eligible for credits. The credits phase out from there at higher income levels.

Health Bill Would Add 24 Million Uninsured but Save $337 Billion A congressional committee suggests that the proposed health care bill would save money by more people would be without health insurance.

Your Life

“One of the biggest financial benefits of getting married is the ability to share living expenses like housing, utilities and food without those expenses necessarily doubling,” says Liz Davidson, founder and CEO of Financial Finesse

Doesn’t sound terribly romantic, does it? 3 reasons to marry for money

Here’s What to Do if Your Flight Gets Cancelled by Winter Storm Stella – Timely tips given the impending storm packing up to 24″ (money / Money Magazine)

The Best US Airlines for Your Money in 2017 – MONEY ranked the 11 largest domestic airlines based on average fare, year-over-year price changes, cost per kilometer for passengers, on-time performance, fees, and customer satisfaction ratings (money / Money Magazine)

Your End of Life

Funeral Home Fees Vary Widely, and It’s Hard to Shop Around – Most consumers begin comparison shopping for expensive products on the internet, and would prefer to start their search for funeral services that way as well. The lack of price disclosure on funeral home websites hinders comparison shopping.

Single? No Children? No Will? Big Mistake If you are unmarried in middle age, do not have children and have never had a devastating disease or brush with death, making plans for what happens to your stuff if you’re not around may not feel pressing.

Combine Long-Term Care With Life Insurance? Do the Numbers First – People looking for traditional policies today are going to face higher premiums as well as caps on how much money they’ll receive and for how long they’ll receive it. Most top companies cap the payout period at five years and the annual inflation adjustment at 3 percent

Quiz time

Fidelity Investments conducted a retirement IQ test.

The results were not stellar: The average score was 30 percent, The Washington Post reports.

84% of Americans can’t answer this basic money question about retirement – I hope you can (money / CNBC)

Here’s the question:

If you were able to set aside $50 each month for retirement, how much would that end up becoming 25 years from now, including interest, if it grew at the historical stock market average?

a. About $15,000

b. About $30,000

c. About $40,000

d. About $60,000

e. More than $60,000

I’ll give you a little help. $50 times 12 months times 25 years = $15,000. The average stock market returns that they are using: 7%

The correct answer is: here

Chart of the Day

Infographic: What Americans Think About Climate Change | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

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