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Moving to the Suburbs

Folks who like in the city and end up moving to the suburbs used to be thought of as second-class citizens by those New Yorkers who lived in Manhattan. Those snooty Manhattanites derisively referred to people who lived in the nearby suburbs as “bridge and tunnel people.” They looked down their noses as those who lived off the island. Today, it’s far more acceptable to live in the boroughs or in Jersey. Heck, Brooklyn is the most expensive place to live in the U.S.!

Calculator: How Much Is Your House Worth Per Minute? A fun way to value your suburban home. (NYT > Real Estate)

Domestic Lives: Suburban? Just Don’t Call Her a ‘Jersey Girl’ – OK, so Jersey still has somewhat of a stigma. (Real Estate)

Home Sales Brisk in New York City’s Suburbs – Like real estate prices in the city, those in surrounding suburbs are stable. But sales volume is up everywhere, except on the high end. (NYT > Real Estate)

Your money bits

What’s Your Investing IQ? Take the Quiz – You might be surprised to learn that some 56% of the investors with non-retirement investment accounts surveyed answered four or fewer questions correctly. (

You won! Congratulations! now pay your taxes – Good news! You won money gambling. Bad news! Did you know you have to pay tax on those winnings. Good news! You can also deduct your gambling losses up to the amount that you won. Bad News! You’ve been spending your hard-earned money gambling. Focus on investing instead. (personal finance / USA TODAY)

Alternative real estate bits

A New Way for Individuals to Invest in Real Estate – Personally, other than my primary residence, I just stick to REITs for my real estate assets. I’m happier having someone else deal with tenants, etc. That said, this “new way” sounds interesting… besides, I like reading anything that Jason Zweig writes. (Wall Street Journal)

Shuttered prisons hard to unload on real estate marketThe other day, I reported on a mall that was partially converted for residential usage. Apparently, there’s not much a call for prisons. I guess there sin’t much of a call for three-walled, studio apartments, with common showers. [smirk] (real estate / Las Vegas Review)

$3.85 Million Could Buy You An Entire Town in Oregon  – My wife is looking for some extra space. This might be just the ticket! (money / Money Magazine)

moving to the suburbs

Tiller, Oregon – image courtesy of Landleader


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