The No-Brainer Portfolio, High School GPA as Prognosticator, Happy Female Retirees, and many more bits

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  • Investing doesn’t have to be complicated – Here’s an incredibly simple, very reasonable portfolio. (Barrons)

  • Is Your Financial Adviser Acting in Your Best Interest? (NY Times)
  • Retired woman are having a blast (Upshot)
  • Speaking of retired women…  maybe they’re having a blast because they’re raising alpacas (Business)
  • Want to be a millionaire? Get your grades up – Your  High School GPA has more of an impact on your future earnings than yo might imagine. See the video below for more details… (WSJ)
  • The 21 Questions You’re Going to Need to Ask About Investment Fees – So much hand-wringing over such a simple proposition: When a financial professional gives you advice about the life savings in your retirement account, that person ought to act in your best interest. (NY Times)
  • The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Asset Allocation – I had a financial advisor reach out to me recently with some questions about implementing some changes to his firm’s asset allocation models. It served as a good reminder about the importance of asset allocation in the investment process. Few investment decisions matter more than asset allocation but many investors choose to focus their attention elsewhere. (A Wealth of Common Sense)

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