Open a Goldman Sachs Account – You won’t believe how little you need — and many more dollar bits


10 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Investing – Very sound, logical advice for anyone who is considering an investment portfolio. Regardless of how long you have been investing, I suspect you might learn a thing or two as well.


In Debt No More – I love hearing success stories about people getting out of debt; this one involves a bride-to-be who eliminated a debt, which she expected to pay off over 25 years by taking on an extra part-time job and paying it off in one year. (via Daily Worth)

Social Security

Do you plan to retire early? Do you know how much you will receive in Social Security retirement benefits? Check out Mike Sandrik and Retire By 40. They both have very nice, easy-to-understand explanations.

Your Money

Open and Account With Goldman Sachs for $1.00 – Yes, you could be the envy of your friends; GS is now in the online banking game. You can tell your friends you are now with Goldman. They are offering 1.05% on accounts and have no minimum deposit requirement. 5 year CDs are paying 2.00%. Ready to become the envy of your friends? To open an account, click here.

Charter, Time Warner Merger Approved – One in six of us has either Charter or Time Warner. The merger has been approved and Charter will look to retire the Time Warner name; expect to see the “Spectrum” name promoted.

How to Eat on $6 a Day – OK, so you don’t get to go out to nice restaurants, but you can use the money that you were spending eating out to pay down your debt.

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