Today’s Bits: Do Optimists or Pessimists Manage Their Money Better?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Which do you think makes you a better investor? Uber surge pricing immediately after the attacks over the weekend. Got $3 million to spare? Have lunch with Buffett! Are Tesla’s a higher risk than previous thought? AAA seems to think so. Got leftover beer? Make shampoo. Interesting, but I never have leftover beer?

Do Optimists or Pessimists Manage Their Money Better?
Which outlook — optimism or pessimism — fares best when making big decisions like whether to buy a home, invest or budget?

Where are all the space hotels? Why smart people make terrible forecasts.
If all had gone according to plan, the James Webb Space Telescope would be celebrating its 10th anniversary of capturing stunning portraits of distant galaxies, NASA would be hard at work on its dark energy detector, Virgin Galactic would be running two daily tourist flights to the edge of space for just $50,000 a head, and a Russian company would be doing brisk business with its orbiting luxury space hotel. That’s not how it worked out in reality.

The annual auction for a lunch with Warren Buffett began Sunday evening and runs through Friday, with bids starting at $25K. Last year’s winner paid almost $3.5M, which tied the record set in 2012.

National insurer AAA is raising its rates on Tesla vehicles by around 30% based on data showing that the Model S and X had abnormally high claim frequencies and costs of insurance claims compared with other cars in the same classes.

How You Can Retire In The Gig Economy: Freelancer Savings Plans
As someone who’s freelanced for nearly two decades, I can tell you that it’s a challenge to save for retirement. It’s a lot easier when an employer is pulling money out of your paycheck. But when you’re the employer, you need to be much more disciplined.

More people than ever successfully managing their money
Researchers found having learned lessons from the recession more people than ever are successfully managing their money.

6 Answers to Your 401(k) Questions
Where do you start? How much do you contribute? What do you do if there’s no company match? Should you take the Roth option? There are lots to consider with this important retirement asset.

Uber slammed for surge pricing during London attacks
Ride-sharing service Uber was criticized for keeping its surge pricing in place as panicked pedestrians tried to escape the terrorists who plowed into people on the London Bridge with a van and stabbed patrons at nearby bars.

Everyone’s Using Spare Change Apps — Are They Really Worth It?
Dad had one. His grandfather had one, too. And today, despite using credit cards for most transactions, I, too, have a change jar sitting on my dresser. As people shift from cash transactions to paying for everything with credit cards, debit cards, and even their phones, is the opportunity to set aside a little extra cash for the future worthwhile?

How to Use Leftover Beer for Cleaning, Shampoo, and More
After you finish cleaning empty bottles from your barbecue this summer, here are 6 unexpected ways to use leftover beer.

image credit: Kalyan Chakravarthy

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