Paul Merriman video presentation: Financial Fitness Forever

Paul Merriman is a retired financial advisor. When he was working, he and his firm were providing money management services; he recommended a buy-and-hold strategy consisting of a portfolio of high-quality mutual funds.

His firm still offers suggested portfolios:  For my taste, these portfolios have WAY too many components — there are 13 funds in their recommended tax deferred account (like IRAs and 401(k) accounts) and 11 funds in the taxable account — which Merriman’s firm suggests that you buy in order to have a well-rounded portfolio. If you were to invest in this portfolio, there would certainly be justification to use my Asset Allocation spreadsheet (available under the “Spreadsheet” tab on the menu above) if you were going to periodically bring your portfolio back into its intended allocation. I do like that they maintain three levels of risk: Aggressive, Moderate, Conservative using the same set of funds, just in different proportions.

In retirement, Paul has taught personal finance at Washington State University. Below is a presentation which he did for the Washington State CPA. The presentation focuses on the equity asset classes (U.S.and international, large and small cap, growth and value and real estate) every equity investor should own, how to select the best performing mutual funds, the pros and cons of index funds, the best balance of equity and fixed income funds and how to maximize distributions in retirement without taking the risk of running out of money. For those who would like to do something special for a child or grandchild, Paul discusses how to turn $1 a day for 21 years into $50 million dollars.

Mr. Merriman has great training tools as well: CLICK ON THE COVERS TO DOWNLOAD


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