Pop-up businesses, Videogaming instead of working, Death by Selfie

Why Simple Beats Complex
Something doesn’t have to be complicated to be worthwhile.

Apple and Google
Two different paths to Capitalism. Whichever company’s vision wins out will shape the future of the economy.

The Pop-up Employer
For years, the movie industry has done it; gather a team of the best and the brightest, create a product, then fold up the company. Now others are following suit. Before you think this is a bad idea, think again. This just might be a short-in-the-arm for all those middle managers who lost their jobs.

Those 401(k) lawsuits – Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
In one case, a $22 million settlement; in another, a judge’s dismissal after a trial.

Slaying dragons, slaying paychecks
America’s young men are increasingly giving up on work in order to slay virtual aliens and fight videogame wars. There’s ample evidence that since 2000, men who would otherwise be working are instead being drawn into immersive virtual worlds, giving up paychecks in the process.

Why did Zillow shares drop unexpectedly?
Is Amazon entering the real estate marketplace? While Prime Day got all the headlines, a simple “Hire a Relator” link suddenly appeared on Amazon’s website fueling speculation that it could be entering Zillow’s space.

Would you deposit your $1 Million paycheck at your bank’s drive-thru?
Serena Williams tried to.

Death by Selfie
Yes, people die taking self-portraits with their cell phones. More than half of all such deaths are in one country, no it’s not the USA, but America is #3 on the list.

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