Praise For Investing For the Rest of Us

Praise for


by David L. Wright

Investing For The Rest Of Us is an investing guide for people who might not have the time, the inclination, or the skills to closely monitor their investment portfolios. This book shows that most people would be much better off selecting a passive investing strategy and essentially leaving their investments alone. The book provides a straightforward, practical approach to building a portfolio that anyone can implement fairly easily.

Investing for the Rest of Us

Author: David L. Wright
ISBN: 978-0615922249
Publisher: Koratious Press

5stars1“Investing For The Rest Of Us” is an excellent introductory book for those who want to gain basic knowledge about retirement investing.

People have asked me what book I’d recommend to understand the basics of retirement investing. These people tend to stress that investing and financial planning is neither a personal strength nor an interest. It’s difficult to find a book that teaches the basic concepts of retirement investing well without getting too technical or too directed toward individual stock valuation. David’s book rides this line well...

I’d recommend “Investing For The Rest Of Us” to those who want to take the next step in investing. The basic tenets in the book will likely set those who follow them up for better long term returns. Michael Sandrik

5stars1I wish I had read this book 20 years ago. Great, simple approach to investing for people who know little to nothing about investing and financial markets like myself and even those amateurs who think they know something about how to grow their money.

After a lifetime of financial planners and hit and miss investments, this book showed me the way for future investing. This book does not pretend to be a strike it rich approach to investing, but rather a proven, consistent approach to realize good returns over the long term.

I recommend this book for any investor who like me, has no time or inclination to closely follow the markets. Easy to follow. easy to understand, easy to implement.  The younger you are, the more important it is that you read this book. Adam K Spindell


The author has very strong credentials. He was a CFO and has written the book in a very easy readable fashion. Normally one is not interested to read financial books but here the author has used simple language, uses tables and charts and nicely explained the concepts. Talks about recommended portfolios, DIY portfolios. I really liked the example of investing in Apple, Microsoft and Dell in 1990 and seeing return end of 1999. The examples will blow you away. Overall a very nice book to read and plan for your financial future. – RPV (California)Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

5stars1This book is one that I want to keep handy as a reference when working through decisions about investment. However, I would prefer to obtain a physical copy for referencing as I find it easier to flip back and forth between charts and the explanations if I have a physical book. I am giving this book 5 stars because it is very well written for the target audience and because it appears to have good potential in being helpful as a reference in my library – Snik

5stars1INVESTING FOR THE REST OF US is a great guide on how to use index funds to help you build wealth.  The author shows how index funds almost always beat the high priced stock brokers.  I would definitely recommend this book. Christopher J. Cohen (Glenville, PA) – Amazon Top 500 Reviewer


5stars1The book does a fantastic job at making the case for strategic/boring investments — without ever being a boring read.  It’s the opposite of mad money — just a fascinating historical analysis on the easiest/right way to build wealth.  If you want to gamble, get a card counting book.  If you want to build wealth, the author here provides your blueprint. M. McGuire (New York)

5stars1This is the book that will allow you to feel at ease keeping your investments managed with a simple, clear, straight-forward strategy that should maximize your returns while keeping your money as safe as possible.  Your worst enemy in investment strategy is yourself, and this book will remind you when to listen and when to not.  It paints the big picture of wise life-long investing that most people should heed.  I think the writer keeps a very nice balance between technical stock market details and simple common sense.  Cuts through some of the mystery! Larry (Aptos, CA)

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