Raises are rare, Teen earns $137/hr, Alexa is listening, Naked yoga

Your Money

Why Can’t Americans Get a Raise?
Companies have forgotten how to compensate workers fairly—and workers have forgotten what they deserve. Why wages aren’t growing faster.

How a 17-year-old earns $137 an hour
How does a teenager manage to make $16,500 in just four months, working about an hour a day? The million-dollar question might just end up in a million-dollar payout one day.


The Index Fund: A great invention
It has already saved ordinary investors literally hundreds of billions of dollars.

Stash, a startup that allows users to invest in the stock market with just $5, is now valued at $240 million.

Rooftop Solar Is No Match for Crony Capitalism
Utilities want onerous fees on power generated from the sun. Environmentalists and economists should be dismayed.

Tech Stuff

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Share Your Location Using a Smartphone
It is now almost impossible to stop location tracking on smartphones. So here are our tips for the best and worst cases of sharing your whereabouts.

Alexa, Where Have You Been All My Life?
Siri is so five years ago: How a sleek, smooth-talking cylinder from Amazon stole our hearts, bamboozled our spouses and enchanted our children.

Watch what you are saying, Alexa is listening
What happens between you and Alexa may no longer stay between you and Alexa.

The Cia Is Listening - Dilbert by Scott Adams

What were they thinking?

A Chinese umbrella-sharing startup just lost nearly all of its 300,000 umbrellas
The best-laid plans…

Naked Yoga
No, men are not permitted.

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