Rent or Buy, Manage own money or not, Do Free Credit Scores Hurt My Credit Score, and more bits


The New Math of Renting vs. Buying People often aspire to own a home for reasons that have little to do with money, and rental options are limited in some communities. Yet owning property can limit your flexibility to move when you want and ties up a lot of your money.

Should You Manage Your Own Money? Do you really need a financial adviser? That depends on whom you ask. Most of the nation’s roughly 223,400 financial advisers will tell you you’re better off using their services. Do-it-yourselfers, meanwhile, shun hired advice as a waste of time and, yes, money.

Loans That Avoid Banks? Maybe Not It was that rare thing, scarcely seen in the financial world since the debut of the A.T.M. or micro-financing: an innovation to help regular people. When peer-to-peer, or P2P, lending began in the middle of the last decade, it offered an easy way for people to lend money to each other over the Internet.

Do Free Credit Scores Hurt My Credit? Sometimes trying to do the right thing for your finances has unintended consequences. You open a new credit card to take advantage of a balance transfer offer, but see your credit score drop a few points, for example. Or you set up auto pay for a bill, then don’t bother to read your statement and pay a fraudulent charge.

Majority would trade pay for a pension Would you be willing to sacrifice some take-home pay for better retirement benefits? That’s a trade-off a growing number of employees are willing to make, according to a survey released today. Among the 5,000 full-time employees surveyed by consulting firm Towers Watson, 62% said they’d be willing to give up some pay for a guaranteed retirement benefit.

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