Early retireees are poor role models? Flying cars; Tax software reviews; Free donuts, and more

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  • Free to File There are lots of free tax filing tools available today. The Internal Revenue Service continues to offer the Free File program — online, do-it-yourself tax preparation software from a dozen commercial vendors. This is available to to low- and moderate-income filers. Which one is right for you? (NY Times)
    • If you are looking to buy tax software, HR Block’s tax prep software (H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2016 Win + Refund Bonus Offer) is just $18.99, hurry, this price won’t last (Amazon)
  • Flying Cars – And you thought traffic on the roads was all you had to deal with. (Business Insider)
  • Permanent Car Payments – A close friend likes the idea of a steady, predictable car payment. Apparently, he’s not alone. A record 4.3 million cars were leased last year. (Liz Weston)
  • Are you saving enough for your future? – The rule of thumb suggests that by your 40th birthday, you have three times your salary saved, which for the median household would be roughly $150,000; by 50 it would be six times your salary, or $300,000. (Fidelity)
  • Free Krispy Kreme – You can get a free donut if you give their new coffee a try. (Consumerist)
  • Credit card debt – Most Americans (86%) say there are acceptable reasons to go into credit card debt, but about as many (87%) say they would be embarrassed to go into credit card debt. (NerdWallet)
  • Retire early bad role model –  For those parents of small children who elect to retire early — VERY early — you need to not only worry about what you will do regarding healthcare, but also what message are you sending to your kids? (Early Retirment)
  • Money can’t buy a happy retirement? – I beg to differ, but here are 8 things more equally as important (MSN)
  • 12 ways to ruin your credit score – Would you believe that a late library book can damage your credit score. Granted, it’ll take 100 days, but still… (Money Talks News)
  • Yes master, I hear and obey  – Are you ready to let an app tell you how to spend your money? (Barron’s)
  • Chip Changes – How con artists are overcoming the credit card chips, changing tactics to steal identities (CBS News)

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