Retire with more money, 401k fees, 401k balances, elderly priced out of NYC and more bits…

Retire with more money and less risk – Because the greatest financial risk most retirees face is running out of money, they need to be prudent about how much they spend. One time-honored formula for relatively prudent spending is to withdraw 4% or 5% of your portfolio each year.

How fees and employer tinkering eat away your 401(k) – If you’re like most Americans, chances are you’re not sure what exactly your plan is charging you. Even though employers are now required to disclose more information about 401(k) fees, only about half of workers said they actually noticed the data…

Up in Years and All but Priced Out of New York – The intensifying demand for housing for aging adults already overwhelms the existing offerings, especially for the poor, senior services providers say. And the city, they say, has no comprehensive housing plan to accommodate an aging population.

Big surge in 401(k) balances, but workers still not saving enough – A surging stock market has accelerated the recovery of many workers’ retirement plans over the past few years. New data from Fidelity Investments—the nation’s leading 401(k) provider—show an impressive 92 percent gain in the average 401(k) account balance since the market low of the economic downturn in 2009.

Daughters earn more than their moms did – but not their dads – Pew compared the hourly wages of mothers who were around age 40 in the late 1960s and early 1970s and their daughters, who were about the same age in the 2000s.

Five Handy Online Calculators for Municipal Research – The online world is not flat, which continues to increase the power of the Internet.  Certainly, we can access vast amounts of information online.  We can also, in a growing number of examples, interact with that information, through tools or calculators that allow us to change variables and see the impact of those changes

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