Today’s bits: Rich people don’t make these 5 money mistakes, Cancer risks for women

Cancer risks for women

An Expert Explains the Right Way to Be Emotional About Your Investments
Ask retirement investors what they want from their portfolios and they are likely to say they are looking to make money to sustain them in the future.


money moves you could live to regret
At first blush, buying the latest and greatest version of the ultimate driving machine may seem like a value worthy of your hard-earned money.



Strategies to cope with permanent debt
A credit counselor at a call center for InCharge Debt Solutions goes through a checklist while speaking with a client in need of help with debt.



A millionaire who started out $70,000 in debt shares his No. 1 money-saving tip
Turner’s advice isn’t novel, but it it’s one of the easiest steps anyone looking to save more money can take.


Rich people don’t make these 5 money mistakes
Sure, they have some extravagances, but wealthy people follow 5 key rules that help them increase and protect their wealth.



Can personal finance apps help you manage your money?

Personal finance apps and programs will have a lot of features if they’re for comprehensive money management. But more doesn’t always mean better.

US home equity is back, so why aren’t more people borrowing?
Many households would like to borrow more through home equity credit lines or cash-outs from loan refinancings, but having been burned by defaults.

Just missed millions: These 8 people walked away from early jobs at billion-dollar companies
It’s impossible to know which startup is going to become the next billion-dollar success story, and the risk of letting a golden opportunity slip through your fingers is something that tech workers grapple with every day.


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