Save money on auto insurance through Costco

I get my auto insurance from Ameriprise via Costco. I am paying HALF as much as the other insurance providers quoted me. Spend a few minutes, check this out:

As a Costco member, you may be eligible for savings and benefits on your auto insurance. In fact, Costco members who saved reported an average of $542.51 in savings on their auto insurance in the first year they switched to Ameriprise Auto & Home lnsurance.2

California Residents: Costco members who are California residents and purchase a new California auto policy between January 1, 2017, and February 5, 2017, will receive a Costco Cash Card. Executive Members receive a $100 Costco Cash Card. Gold Star and Business Members receive a $50 Costco Cash Card.1

You may also receive an exclusive discount simply for being a Costco member.3 Plus if you are a Costco Executive Member, you may receive roadside assistance and lifetime renewability on auto policies, and glass repair reimbursement and lockout assistance on home policies.4

It’s time to see what you could save. To receive this offer,give us a call at 1-888-399-9481 and mention reference number 8EE. Or click here.


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