Would You Save More Money if You Were Paid to Do So

This is how much American parents spend on their kids’ education
The U.S. is not the worst when it comes to the high cost of school and college

Low-income families spend 40% of their money on luxuries
Do you need it or want it? Americans of all income levels spend big chunks of their incomes on luxuries.

Conspicuous consumption is over. It’s all about intangibles now
In the face of rising social inequality, both the rich and the middle classes own fancy TVs and nice handbags. They both lease SUVs, take airplanes and go on cruises. On the surface, the ostensible consumer objects favored by these two groups no longer reside in two completely different universes.

San Francisco is paying people $10 a month to save money
Nearly half of San Francisco households don’t have enough cash savings, so the city is trying a new approach — paying people to save money.

Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing.
A yearlong investigation found that port trucking companies have forced drivers to finance their own trucks by taking on more debt than they could not afford, used that debt as leverage to extract forced labor and trap drivers in jobs that left them destitute. If a driver quit, the company seized his truck and kept everything he had paid towards owning it.

How the unlimited data plans from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint all stack up
Earlier this year, all four of the major US cell phone carriers brought back unlimited data plans. Which one is best for you?

7 smart student loan repayment strategies to use when you’re in your 20s
Student loans are no joke. In 2017, student loan debt has swelled. You need to know how to manage your debt.




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