Scammers Pose as IRS Agents, Avoiding Shady Mortgage Lenders and more bits…

Do ETF Expense Ratios Matter? It’s more important to create a proper asset allocation and to persuade the client to put enough money into savings every pay day. Putting in 6% instead of 5% is going to do a lot more to get you to reach your goals than saving a couple of basis points on the expense ratio.

Scammers continuing to pose as IRS agents Scammers posing as IRS officials continue to call, saying people owe taxes and better pay up. They threaten to arrest or deport people, revoke a license, or even shut down a business. How do they do it?

How to Use CD Ladders for Better Rates Long-Term The current low-rate environment has many savers gnashing their teeth. They like the idea of cash products, but the yield is so low that they are hard-pressed to beat inflation. One way to take advantage of the protections that come with cash, while getting a yield that is a little bit better, is to use a strategy known as CD laddering.

How to protect yourself from shady mortgage lenders This is the simplest and most straightforward piece of advice you can get, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. Your best bet is someone whose business is based on referrals, who is licensed, and handles a lot of loans every month.

Los Angeles sues JPMorgan over mortgage lending practices The second most populous U.S. city said it is seeking damages for reduced property tax revenue and the higher cost of providing services, both of which it attributed to the foreclosures.



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