Seattle is the new Vancouver… 7 Steps to Financial Security… Invest in Yourself

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  • Seattle is the new Vancouver – Presumably as a result of a new British Columbia provincial tax imposed a 15% tax on foreign investment, Chinese real estate investors have traveled about 150 miles south, across the border and have descended upon Seattle. (WSJ)

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  • Farmers Only – Just 29 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds in rural areas are enrolled in college, compared with 47 percent of their urban peers. Why is that? (NY Times)
  • Invest in Yourself – I have frequently touted the advantages of a STEM degree. If you needed any motivation as to why any college degree is valuable, check out this chart:

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  • Debt be Gone – In seven years, she’d paid over $113,000. She offers her 3 best pieces of debt-repayment advice. (Your Money)
  • Great investors have one trait in common – Hard work is not the answer. After spending more than 30 years on the inside and watching world-class investors make money year after year, Charles Mizrahi learned that they all had one thing in common: temperament. (Wealth Daily)
  • Emotions run high – For most investors, emotions are their biggest obstacles. Emotional investing occurs when investors make drastic decisions about their money and assets based on a feeling of how the market is performing rather than how the market is likely to perform long term. Here are seven strategies to avoid emotional investing. (US News)
  • French Uber drivers are getting a raise – Uber Offers French Drivers Revenue Insurance, Avoiding Wage Law. Last year, France appointed a mediator to coordinate negotiations between Uber and drivers threatening to block the roads of Paris if they didn’t get paid more. Drivers are independent contractors, not employees, so they’re not entitled to minimum wage and other regulated items of remuneration. (Bloomberg)

  • Are you a savvy seller? – As a home seller, your goal is to get the most money possible, whether in a hot or cold market. The more you know, the bigger your profits — and the fewer your headaches. Here are ten questions to test your selling savvy. (Kiplinger)
  • What To Do When Your Student Loan Refinance Application is Denied – If you are having trouble paying off your student loans and considering refinancing, you may feel like you don’t have the income to continue to make timely payments. However, in order to get approved for refinancing, you’ll need to prove that you have a job and earn enough to make payments on your loans—a Catch-22. (Money Under 30)
  • Personal finance app of choice – Call me old school, but I am happy with Excel… but that’s just me. Most people today rely on an apps to help them budget themselves. Our friends at Marketwatch have a personal finance app that they recommend. (Marketwatch)
  • Budgets aren’t just for the young – Retirees — whether young at heart or not — need budgeting tools as well. It might be even more important for retirees to be very mindful of their spending; other than their Social Security benefits, most of their “income” is outgoing. (Kiplinger)
  • 7 Steps to Financial Security

“It’s easy to endure adversity if it happens to someone else.” ~ Mark Twain

We’d all like to have financial security or the assurance that we’ll have enough money tomorrow and the day after that. Many think that financial security can be found in a fat 401k account, investment real estate, or a stash of gold and silver coins. While those things may help keep you financially secure, they can disappear quickly. Witness what happened to the markets in 2008 and 2009. (Get Out of Debt Guy)

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