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You’ve probably seen promotions where you invite a friend and get paid — DirecTV you offers $100 for every new subscriber that you bring to the company — T-Mobile is offering shares of stock, not only for new people you bring on, but for every subscriber.

On Tuesday, T-Mobile introduced a new promotion: Stock Up™. In this program every signal subscriber — new and existing — would receive one share of T-Mobile stock. (T-Mobile’s stock, ticker symbol: TMUS) is currently trading around $43.50 per share. In addition, for every friend that you sign up, you will receive one additional share, up to a total of 100 shares. And you can do this each and every year (as long as the promotion still exists.)

But wait, there’s more…

(As the advertisers on TV say, “…but wait, there’s more) If you are already a T-Mobile customer who has been a customer for at least 5 years, the offer is doubled. From the company’s press release: “…As a special thank you to its most loyal customers, T-Mobile’s giving those who’ve been with the Un-carrier for five or more years TWO full shares of T-Mobile stock for each recommendation until 2017…”

Assuming the current price of T-Mobile’s stock, long-time subscribers can pick up 200 shares of the company’s stock this year; based on today’s stock price, that’s nearly $8,700 in company stock just for signing up your friends and family members. It’s half that amount for the rest of us; still, 4,350 of company stock is nothing to sneeze at.  Of course, you would still need to find 100 people to switch their mobile phone provider to the Un-carrier (as T-Mobile calls itself.)

Limited Time Offer

This is a limited time offer. Current and new T-Mobile subscribers who are interested in receiving their one free share of the company’s stock and to join the program only have until June 21, 2016 to sign up. Once you sign up for the plan, you can start recruiting others to sign up.

The share(s) of T-Mobile stock that you obtain will reside in a Loyal3 brokerage account. If you haven’t heard of the company, here’s a review from NerdWallet:

Loyal3, launched in 2013, provides an entirely new model of investing. While the site doesn’t cater to experienced traders with sophisticated tools and expert advice, it does hope to make the stock market accessible to the general public – especially young adults – via an easy-to-use platform.

If investors have heard one thing about Loyal3, it’s probably that all of its trades are completely free – no commissions, no fees. Loyal3’s corporate partners agree to use it as a go-between for direct-purchase to individual investors. In exchange, these companies pay all transaction fees and pass extra on to Loyal3 for each investor they sign up. Though most companies have had direct-purchase options for years, Loyal3 allows investors to put as little as $10 into whole or fractional shares of stock, or as little as $100 in an IPO.

There are some obvious drawbacks to Loyal3. Because it needs to have an agreement with each company, its offerings – all easily recognizable brands – are limited. In addition, the company only offers stocks. This doesn’t give investors access to a diversified portfolio. And while the platform – just pick from a page’s worth of brand logos, select your investment amount, and confirm – is incredibly easy, the site offers a limited set of educational content.

Company Not Diluting Shares

It’s an interesting concept. The company isn’t issuing any new stock for this promotion, so Stock Up™ won’t dilute existing shareholder value. So where are these new shares coming from? T-Mobile has indicated that they will buy shares from the open market and give them to their customers. According to an SEC filing, T-Mobile estimated that this filing is for about 1 million shares, but company CEO and president of T-Mobile US John Legere stated that he wants “millions and millions” of customers to participate.

Good Time to Buy?

While I strongly advice that most people are better off in index funds, there are many people who still want to own individual shares of stock in companies. Would this be a good time to buy shares of T-Mobile? According to stock advisory company Morningstar, TMUS is currently trading in a 3-star range. The means that Morningstar suggests that T-Mobile’s stock is fairly valued — neither cheap nor expensive. Morningstar’s fair value on T-Mobile is $40.00, so at $43.50, T-Mobile is selling at almost a 9% premium to fair value. For my taste, that’s too expensive to be a buyer of this company’s stock, but you wouldn’t be a buyer of the stock, you’ll be getting it for free. Why turn down free money. Sure, it’s only about $43, but if you found $43 lying on the street, would you not pick it up? If you’re employer offered you free money via the company’s 401(k) company match, would you not take them up on their free cash offer?

Who Can You Refer?

To qualify for Stock Up your referral must bring their existing number from another qualifying postpaid carrier and activate service on a T-Mobile branded postpaid monthly phone plan.

How To Get Started

If you are interested in learning more about this offer, you will have to sign up for the Tuesday app — by the way, they are offering free stuff every Tuesday, like dinner and a movie. Every Tuesday, T-Mobile customers can carry out a FREE medium two-topping Domino’s pizza, FREE small Wendy’s Frosty and a FREE movie rental from VUDU, Walmart’s video on-demand service. Here’s more on the free stuff:

The Un-carrier will unveil a surprise “thank you” for customers with a new partner each week. Gifts like free movie tickets, free gift cards, free subscriptions, free ride-sharing and more. Tomorrow, everyone can get a free ticket from Fandango to the opening weekend of this summer’s blockbuster movie, Warcraft—just for being a customer. (edit: this prize has already expired… “Tomorrow” was June 7th)

Finally, someone will win a truly epic prize every Tuesday. Tomorrow, one lucky person’s going to win a trip on a party bus to a private screening of Warcraft along with 40 of their closest friends with all the candy, popcorn and soda they can handle. Every week, you’ll have a chance to win something truly mind-blowing. Here are just a few examples of upcoming prizes:

  • a trip for two to Vegas to stay at Mandalay Bay with tickets to see UB40 at the Mandalay Bay Beach and roll VIP style at Luxor’s LAX Nightclub. Plus $100 in Lyft credits to get around town.
  • a trip to MLB All-Star week in San Diego for you and a lucky guest, including exclusive access to the Home Run Derby press conference and batting practice to see the top players up close and personal.
  • a once-in-a-lifetime expedition for you and your hiking buddy up the legendary Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, complete with accommodations, meals, and tours from The Clymb.
  • a trip to New York City to refresh your wardrobe with a $10,000 shopping spree with the help of an in-house stylist in the private Gilt showroom.

To see a calendar of possible prizes through June, check out newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/un-carrier-11.

How do I redeem my free share of Un-carrier stock?

Step 1
Download the T‑Mobile Tuesdays app from the Apple App Store or Google Play* *iOS or Android 4.0 or newer phone, other devices visit T‑MobileTuesdays.com.

Step 2
Log in with your T‑Mobile phone number.

Step 3
Go to ‘My Stuff’, select ‘T‑Mobile Stock’ and click ‘Redeem’.

Step 4
You will be directed to our partner, LOYAL3, to setup your brokerage account and claim your stock.



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