The Best Career Move I Ever Had Was Taking a Pay Cut and many other dollar bits

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The Best Career Move I Ever Had Was Taking a Pay Cut – Interesting story; very similar to my own. My career really took off when I accepted a job with a lower salary than I was earning. The company that I left went out of business two years afterwards and I grew with my next company and spent over 23 years in their employ.

How to Become a Millionaire Next Door – Excellent, sound logical advice; if you want to reach financial freedom, follow the advice laid out in this article.

Worst Airline for Customer Service – Oftentimes, the expression: You get what you pay for, is accurate. I have never flown this airline, so I can’t speak from person experience.

Free Courses – Great list of free and inexpensive courses that you can take online.

7 Moves to Make Before Your 25th Birthday – Nice, logical list that every young person should; logical list for those over 25 as well.


How to get out of debt – One of the biggest keys to getting out of debt is staying motivated.

Real Estate

Everything a first time home buyer needs to know – Are you looking to buy your first home? Congratulations! Make sure that you can satisfy all the items on this list. The most important being: A low Debt-to-Equity ratio.

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