The financial nightmare of (mistakenly) being branded a terrorist and more bits

Airlines’ annoying fees add up to $31.5 billion Flyers hate paying those bag-check and cup-of-coffee fees. But airlines love collecting them. Airlines worldwide brought in $31.5 billion in revenue from fees last year, according to a new survey. That’s more than 11 times their non-ticket revenue just six years earlier, adjusted for inflation. Keep reading

The financial nightmare of (mistakenly) being branded a terrorist Americans who are branded terrorists by the U.S. government are facing financial peril — losing their jobs, their homes and all access to cash and credit. The government keeps a list of those it deems a threat: The Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list, maintained by the Treasury Department. Keep reading

Money Advice for Families From Around the Web Parents are spending more than in years past to keep their kids entertained this summer, according to the latest American Express Spending and Saving Tracker. The survey found that parents will spend $958 per child, on average, during the 2014 summer versus $856 in 2013 and $601 in 2012. They are shelling out for activities such as day trips to theme parks, pool memberships and summer camp. Keep reading

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