Three things the best job candidates do

Three habits of the best job interview candidates  – I’ve interviewed literally thousands of candidates. I agree with findings here. These three, easy to replicte, behavioral traits are key to determining whether or not the candidates for the jobs are going to be successful.

Millionaire sets up his kids by not leaving them anything – Investor and philanthropist Eugene Lang, whom The New York Times calls “an American folk hero,” died on Saturday at the age of 98. The self-made millionaire founded the “I Have a Dream Foundation,” which helps to send underprivileged children to college. But though Lang gave away $150 million and helped 16,000 students over the course of his lifetime , he made one thing very clear to his own kids: They shouldn’t expect to inherit anything from him after his death.

Social Security question – My sister is 64 and divorced but was married for 30 years. Her ex-husband is 61. When can she start drawing on his Social Security or when is the best time for her to do so? She worked for only 12 years at minimum wage. He may retire early. Can she collect her Social Security, then switch over to his when he retires?


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