Thursday links… what not to buy this summer

What Not to Buy this Summer – You might be familiar with surge pricing from services like Uber and Lyft. You know what I’m talking about; you pay more for services at particular times / days / locations than you would otherwise. The same holds true for other services. Disneyland is starting surge pricing as well. There are certain items which tend to cost more at different times of the year. This article discusses some fairly big ticket items that you might want to avoid purchasing during the summer months.

Hidden Costs of Home Ownership – I am a big believer in home ownership; if you can afford to buy a home, I strongly suggest that you do so. However, there are hidden costs associated with buying a home. There are the three obvious ones: mortgage, property taxes, and homeowners insurance, every knows about those three, but there are more. This article summarizes some of the hidden costs — including taxes and insurance — expenses which should not be ignored.

Walmart stops price matching – The other day we reported that Amazon stopped price matching on goods other than TVs, not Walmart is following suit. Well, sort of… Walmart Ending Price Matching Of Local Competitors’ Ads At 500 Stores, however, it won’t say which 500 stores.

Professional baseball team suing season 23-year season ticket holder – Dr. Axelband has been buying season tickets for the Miami (Florida) Marlins games for over 20 years. Now the team is suing Axelband.  He’s not alone, the Marlins have sued at least nine season ticket-holders and luxury suite owners since 2013.

Roth vs Traditional – Can’t decide if you should invest your money into a Roth or a Traditional retirement plan? There are many calculators on the Internet to help you decide. This link takes you to one from Schwab. I am a bigger fan of the Roth than the Traditional. I expect to keep the money in my account growing for decades. I would rather pay the tax now on the smaller amount than have to pay taxes later in life on my gains. Others may disagree, and there are near-term advantages to the traditional option as well.


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