Today’s bits: 2017 Online Brokerage Review

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2017 Online Brokerage Review

Our friends at have put out their annual review of online brokers. They have helped over three million investors research and compare online brokers. While the markets are anything but certain, you can feel confident that has your back in 2017 to help you find the perfect broker. Very through research. Check it out. (Stock Brokers)

It’s worse than you thought: Americans are drastically under-saved for retirement

There’s no easy way to say this: Americans are not saving for their futures. The numbers for retirement savings already looked discouraging with the average American couple only having put away $5,000, but the situation may be worse: only a third of working Americans are saving money in an employer-sponsored or tax-deferred retirement account, according to U.S. Census Bureau researchers, as reported in Bloomberg. And that’s only if their employers even offer such plans, which, according to this research, only 14% do (and they’re likely large companies). (Marketwatch)

How to Get a Free International Flight on United Airlines

Most people like to travel but have trouble finding ways to make it affordable. International flights can run in the thousands depending on where you are flying to, and that’s just the cost of getting there and back. Find clever ways obtain credit cards, take advantage of their deals, and travel for free.  (Young Adult Money)

The Impact Of Decreasing Retirement Spending On Safe Withdrawal Rates

The conventional method for evaluating safe withdrawal rates assumes that retirees maintain a stable standard of living through retirement in real (inflation-adjusted) dollars. While there’s nothing unsound about this assumption – at least so long as it reflects a particular retiree’s goals – it is worth considering how accurate this assumption is relative to actually observed retirement spending behavior of the “typical” retiree. (Kitces)

9 of the most fascinating TED Talks about money

There are plenty of resources to turn to which will teach you the basics and then some. Here are nine TED Talks — all between 10 and 20 minutes — which could alter the way you think about money, and how you choose to save, spend, and earn. (Your Money)

Why Failing to Solve Personal Debt and Polarization Will Usher in a New Dark Age

Crushing personal debt loads have repeatedly produced economic and social crises. The elites ignore the warning signs at their peril. (Naked Capitalism)

Lock your mortgage rate now, before Fed makes its move

If you’re scheduled to close your mortgage within a month or so, it’s probably best to lock the interest rate, mostly for peace of mind. (Bankrate)


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