Today’s Bits: 401(k), Credit cards can hurt mortgage application, Hedge fund moving into index funds

Can I Add More Money to My 401(k) Whenever I Want? – If I have a 401(k) account from a previous job but I haven’t found a new job yet, can I still add money to my account?

Doing This With Your Credit Cards Could Keep You from Getting a Mortgage – Mortgage companies are happy to loan you money — as long as they believe you will pay them back. The challenge for lenders has always been to use the tools available to them to make the best decisions about which borrowers are the safest risks. To do that, they evaluate loan applicants based on income, debt, credit score, bank accounts, and any other data they can legally ask for.

A Hedge Fund Guy is Moving into Index Funds – Active management in general has underperformed basic indexes like the S&P 500 for most of the years since the financial crisis, but the trend has been especially pronounced this year. Just 18 percent of active managers are beating the large-cap Russell 1000 index, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which said the level is the worst since it began tracking in 2003. That low performance level comes even as a majority of active managers have outperformed over the past four months.

Did you know Amazon was in the ticket business now? – Amazon launched its online ticketing business just last year, but it already has plans to expand it in Europe, Asia and potentially the U.S., according to a series of job listings posted recently. The hiring efforts are part of a new initiative to “position Amazon Tickets as the world’s premier destination for purchasing tickets,” according to one posting. The job listings also hint at plans to integrate ticket sales into the Prime membership program with something Amazon is calling Prime Tickets, the details of which were not laid out.

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