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Money & Investments

How the ultra-rich talk to their kids about money
They want to live well, but they don’t want to spoil their children. They want their kids to be well-adjusted and advantaged, but they don’t want them to lack ambition. Judging by what I’ve seen, good luck with that.

SkyNet is Sentient and Will Destroy Your Investments and Pension
Do you really want to know about how SkyNet controls your investments and pension via the various financial markets? I ask with all sincerity because the subject is not pleasant and may even be frightening to those who have followed a strict diet of financial ignorance.

What Rich Used To Be
I’ve had a lifelong fascination with wealth and, more recently, wealth disparity (for proof, look no further than the SocialTrade stack on this very topic). I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in a happy, financially secure, but very much middle-class family.

Richest Americans Will Control 70% Of Country’s Wealth By 2021
With US stock benchmarks trading just below record highs, and Treasury yields not too far from the all-time lows reached last summer, the gulf between the world’s wealthy elite – those 18 million households worldwide with more than $1 million in assets – and everybody else is rapidly widening.

Personal finance education is vital to our children’s success
If you read the current news about personal finance, it will come as no surprise that a majority of kids and teens in the United States are not well-versed in how to manage their money.

New Help for the Millennial Money Dilemma
Millennials aren’t all that different from us.

Why Amazon’s Whole Foods Purchase Will Make Groceries Cheaper for Everyone
Speculation is that Amazon buying Whole Foods is good news for consumers.

Retirement Planning

How to switch careers and still reach your retirement goals
I actually recommend career switchers not to worry about the short-term lack of retirement savings. The more important thing is the long-term career trajectory…

Don’t Borrow Against Your Retirement Plan!
Tempting having all that pile of money just sitting there waiting to be dipped into, but resist the temptation; your future-self is depending on you to do the right thing.


Your rights when you fly
Most travelers who are turned away (but not all) volunteer to give up their seats in exchange for incentives offered by the airline. But a recent incident, in which a passenger who was involuntarily bumped from a United Airlines flight refused to give


Cab Drivers Union Says Chicago Taxi Industry Near Collapse
In addition to repaying loans on their medallions, taxi operators also have to pay thousands of dollars each year in city expenses, like the ground transportation tax and medallion license renewal fee—expenses that rideshare drivers are not subject to.


image credit: Ron Wiecki

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