Today’s Bits: Freebies for voting; Free money to pay down student loans from your boss; Black Friday deals leaked

Real Estate

If you are in the market for a new house, or perhaps just to refinance your mortgage, you need to know what your monthly payments are going to be, what the interest rate will be, how long the loan will last, etc. There are lots of mortgage calculators on the internet. This one isn’t my favorite, but it does explain mainly of the terms involved. It’s worth considering. [,,, read more]

By the way, my favorite mortgage calculator is at Sure, you can just use the one on Google — simply type “mortgage calculator” and Google presents you with one. Quick and easy, but the one at allows you to see the impact of additional payments or overpaying your mortgage along with the amortization table. Very nice!

One of the advantages to buying your own home in the U.S. is that the interest you pay on your mortgage is tax deductible. Unfortunately, few people are able to take advantage of this because they don’t have enough cumulative deductions to itemize; most folks are simply better off using the standard deduction.

Student Loans

Here’s a nice perk. Staples, as well as other companies, are offering cash to some of their employees to help them pay off their student loans. Staples is offering $3,600! [… read more]


I love the National Parks. My wife and I frequently visit several of the parks. If you are thinking about low cost vacations, look no further. [… read more]

Black Friday

No, I don’t wait in line for Black Friday deals. If I buy anything that week, it’s the cyber deals which I can secure from the confines of my home. However, if you are interested in the Black Friday deals, a few have been leaked. [… read more]

Election Day Freebies

A friend of mine is a lifelong New York Jets fan, but he lives in New England Patriots country. Dunkin Donuts has a promotion offering discounted coffee on Mondays following Patriots wins. He HATES the Pats, but grudgingly, happily takes advantage of his discounted cup most Mondays this time of the year.

As you know, Tuesday is Election Day. No matter who you are voting for, you too can take advantage of a few freebies….  As incentive to get out there and vote, several establishments are offering freebies, including free “I Voted” donuts, free coffee, even free rides to polling places [… read more]

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