Today’s bits: Frugal Hollywood power couple spent $142 on their wedding, includes the gas to drive to the courthouse

Obamacare and a replacement – Economist Paul Krugman offers his opinions (NYT)

Maid in America – Another Krugman op-ed piece (New York Times)

Can’t Wait for Your Tax Refund? Neither Can Hackers – Tax fraud impacts thousands of taxpayers every year. (Betterment)

How to Double Dip and Earn Extra Credit Card Rewards – If you’re on a mission to earn as many credit card rewards as possible, you’ll need to be strategic. You’ll need to understand how your rewards program works. And you’ll need to know how to maximize your rewards. One tactic that may help you rack up miles and points involves double-dipping. Here are five ways to earn extra rewards from two different sources at the same time. (SmartAsset)

Here’s exactly how to respond if your kid asks, ‘Are we rich?’ – So don’t be surprised if your child turns to you with wondering eyes and asks whether your family is rich or not. How would you respond? (Your Money)

Most Americans missing out on money by not investing in 401(k) – Everyone benefits, those 50 and over can get even more. (KMTV)

Sears in a self fulfilling death spiral – It should be pretty easy to tell a fully operational department store from one that it is closing down, but some Sears shoppers have found that their local store is not doing much to alleviate concerns about it. (Consumerist)

The Best Picture Oscar rarely goes to the movie that makes the most money (MarketWatch)

Incredibly frugal celebrities – Being the lead character of Disney’s animated film Frozen and with an estimated net worth of $16 million, you wouldn’t expect her to be so frugal. Yet she and husband Dax Shepard spent a total of — wait for it — $142 on their wedding, and that includes the gas to drive to their local courthouse. (Young Hollywood)



Image source: Flickr/Rach

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