Today’s Bits – Do your kids know just how rich you are?

How Holly Earns $20,000 Monthly by Writing

6 Jobs for People Who Want to Work From Home — But Hate Customer Service

Building your retirement plan with a strong foundation – Good info from an advisor

What couples nearing retirement need to do – One of the issues that early retirees face is medical insurance. Medicare doesn’t kick in until you are 65. If you retire before that, what will you do. Obamacare — or whatever it morphs into —  is expensive and (if things don’t change much) has fewer and fewer medical professionals in the plan.

How important is saving money to women? – 70% of millennial women say that having enough money to enjoy retirement is more important than being healthy through their later years, according to a survey from Schwab Retirement Plan Services.

How open are you about your finances with your children? – Usually this topic has to do with the financial difficulties people have trying to make ends meet; they don’t want to alarm their kids, so they try to insulate their kids from these types of issues., but what about the opposite situation? People who work in high tech companies in Silicon Valley (or elsewhere) might have the opposite issue. Many employees in such companies earn substantial salaries and may have large company stock positions; essentially, they could be considered quite well-off. How do you handle these types of financial issues with your kids?

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