Today’s bits: Old, New, Borrowed, and $664,000 for a parking spot

The Friendly Skies

United Airlines Flight Grounded After Passengers Watched Jet Fuel Pour Out Of Wing
Being a passenger on a plane generally requires a good deal of faith in the laws of physics and in the experts who build and operate these jets. But every once in a while, a lay person will see something — like, say, jet fuel leaking out of the wing and onto the tarmac — and that faith can be shaken.


Consumers’ gripes with airlines have skyrocketed
More than one-fifth of flights were delayed in April, thanks in part to bad weather across the country.

Thoughts From a Plane
I know I sound a little maudlin, but it is statistically proven that emotions are heightened on planes.

This is the worst thing about flying for most Americans
More than 90% of flyers are unhappy with their travel experience.


7 Critical Money Mistakes People Make in Their 40s
The younger you are, the more time you have to bounce back from a financial mistake. As you inch closer to those retirement years, however, and as financial obligations expand, it’s increasingly important to safeguard the assets you have — and to prepare for costly expenses that inevitably…

Finally, here’s something millennials have in common with baby boomers
These two generations may be more similar than other studies suggest.

Why you might want to disinherit your kids
Do your kids expect you to hand over the loot? Here are some important things to consider before you do.

Retirement Planning

Budgeting for retirement? Plan on spending an eye-popping amount on health costs
A quick look at your retirement savings and estimated Social Security payments may convince you that you’re well-prepared to retire.

Retirement Planning Mistakes You Can Live Without
I’ve heard once that for retirement you can never be prepared. It can cause anxiety and a lot of people comment that they feel overwhelmed by the sudden change.


Costco’s online prices are lower than Amazon’s
A study finds that Costco’s online pricing is lower than Amazon’s.

Amazon’s ‘Dash Wand’ wants to change the way you buy groceries
You can tell the new mobile device what you want in your cart.

Millennials are buying everything online — except cars
That new car smell is a powerful draw.


Weddings: What to give, what not to give, how much to spend
Are certain types of gifts more appropriate than others?

Wedding Dresses Already Broken In, and at Bargain Prices
Let’s face it, your wedding dress is taking up coveted closet space and, decades from now, your daughter is not likely to wear what’s sure to be an out-of-style gown.


This 500-mile Uber ride should be made into a movie
What happens when an Iranian refugee drives an NFL player across five states.

LeSean McCoy won a monstrous amount of money betting Warriors in NBA Finals
The Bills running back might need to open another bank account

A $664,000 Parking Spot Symbolizes Hong Kong’s Property Frenzy
Hong Kong is now home to a very expensive parking spot, the latest sign of a property market run amok.



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