Today’s bits – Living in a Sanitarium, Being a Millionaire Is Overrated, Wells Fargo back into MBS?

Money bits

5 Reasons Being a Millionaire Is Overrated – There are 10 million people in the USA with at least a million dollars in investable assets. Are you envious? Money makes like easier, sure, but it doesn’t mean those millionaires are happier than anyone else

How to invest without sacrificing your values – Your investments can parallel your values.

Best free money saving apps that put cash back into your account

A Simple Equation That Will Save You Money – Before buying anything, think about this simple equation: Cost of item / hourly wage = hours you’ll work to pay for it

How one man climbed out of $109,000 worth of debt – Knowing that he had to make a drastic changes allowed one man to rid his family of six-figure debt

Career bits

7 Things Employers Care About More Than Your Degree

Consumer bits

Amazon makes bigger push into furniture, among the fastest-growing online categories – remember when Amazon was just books?

Real estate bits

Wells Fargo eyes return to mortgage deals shunned since crisis – With its reputation tarnished, the big bank dips its toes back into MBS trying to test the market and see what we can do there to help bring confidence back

Living in a Former Sanitarium – Let’s face it, many people want to live in New York City. Would you care if your home was previously a sanitarium?

Misc bits

McDonald’s to pay more to franchisees for restaurant upgrades – it will cost between $150K and $700K to make upgrades. The parent company is trying to get the franchisees to pony up… all in an effort to bring customers back.


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