Today’s Bits: Are you a sucker? Sending money with your voice. How much is your student loan? 5 part time careers

Don’t be a retirement saving sucker: 401(k)s not for emergencies

Throughout my career, I have known many people who elected to tap into their 401(k) retirement funds in order to finance their day-to-day lifestyle. You should NEVER take money out of your 401(k) plan during your working years unless it is for an absolute emergency when there is no other alternative or possibly to fund the down payment on a house… and even then, I would suggest avoiding that if at all possible. The longer your money has to compound and grow, the better off you will be. [… read more]

Siri can now send money to 30 countries with PayPal

“Hey Siri, send Bob $50.” For iPhone users, it’s now just that easy. You can send money to friends, family, etc. just by telling Siri to move the money. This uses PayPal and works in 30 countries. [… read more]

How much do you really know about student loans

5 part time careers

Some people only want to work part time. There are a variety of reasons why you might want this type of lifestyle. You may have kids that you want to spend time with. You might need to care for elderly parents, etc. When I was growing up, my mom worked mornings as a bookkeeper and was home in the afternoons before I got home from school. This allowed her to bring in some extra money and still be able to spend time with her kids. Unfortunately, today most couples both have to work full time in order to make ends meet, making it tough for them to spend time with the kids. These five jobs might allow you to earn a better living than you are earning today from a part time job than you are making on a full time job, which could free up a lot of your time for other things. [… read more]

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