Today’s bits: All I want for Christmas

Did your money grow by over 19% last year? – Chances are, your kids saw a 19% gain on their money they received in 2016 from the tooth fairy compared with the money they got in 2015. Kids are getting $4.66 per tooth? Back in my day, we got a quarter! (USA Today)

Why So Many Americans Prefer the Freelance Lifestyle – When I was working, about two-thirds of our employees were freelancers. Back then, that was the exception, today it’s the norm. If you run a company with full-time employees, you will need to address the desire your team has for freedom and flexibility. (Entrepreneur)

Problems with the 4% rule? –┬áMany people believe that you should adhere to the 4% rule — only withdraw 4% of your assets in any one year, but while the 4% rule can help you plan for your future retirement income, this report suggests that you can run into deep trouble if you’re rigid about it.; pointing out the plan’s main flaws and how to deal with them. (TMF)

Video of the Day: Former Convicted Hacker on How to Protect Your Data

Image source: Flickr/Kasey Eriksen

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