Today’s bits: What you have that Warren Buffett lacks

  • You have something on Buffett – Warren Buffett may be the greatest investor of all time, but there’s one thing that you have that he doesn’t. (Barron’s)
  • How long will you live? – People underestimate how long they’re going to live. It’s fairly likely that you are likely going to live longer than you think you are. Will your money last as long? (WSJ)
  • Wages for most at large companies declining – Cradle to grave…  you used to work for one large company for much — if not all — of your working career. It was big, safe, stable. You usually got paid more too. A lot of that’s changed over the years.  (Harvard Business Review)
  • The gig is up? – With fewer people working steady jobs today, most of these gig employees get their health insurance through Obamacare. What if the health insurance policy gets repealed? (HBR)
  • Minimum wage increase not helping wait staff – In all but eight states, the minimum wage increase does no apply to waiters, waitresses, bartenders, etc. So while many people earning minimum wage got a raise at the beginning of the year, wages for the wait staff didn’t and remains dependent on tips for the bulk of their income. As the old comedians used to say at the end of their gig: “Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.” (five thirty eight)
  • Where have all the older workers gone? – A neighbor and I were chatting yesterday. He mentioned that everyone (folks that are his and my peers, age-wise) is leaving New York. An article today seems to suggest that this is true, at least in the advertising industry. It’s an industry dominated by younger people. Just remember, you too will be 50 someday. It’s hard to imagine when you’re 25…then the day comes when you realize that you’re on the opposite end of the stick. (LinkedIn)
  • Portfolio design – Your investment portfolio can be as simple as one to three index funds, or it can be much more complicated. Morningstar has three base ideas which they feel could work for most people. There’s a conservative, moderate, and aggressive approach. Even the Conservative versions, which are designed for investors who are five years or so away from retirement, have upward of half of their portfolios in stocks. (Morningstar)
  • What you need to know about your first apartment – You recently graduated from college and snagged your first real job. And after living with your parents a few months and saving a little money, you’re ready to strike out on your own and find your first apartment. But with student loan debt, staying within your budget can be a challenge. The article may be about getting an apartment in DC, but it can be applied to most larger cities. (Washington Post)
  • Hours of work need to pay the rent – Ever feel like you’re one step away from looking under sofa cushions to cobble together your next rent payment? You’re probably not alone. Here you can see how many hours the average person needs to work to pay rent in the 15 largest cities. (SmartAsset)
  • Homes are selling like hotcakes – Well, at least they are in these markets (Your Money)

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