Today’s bits: You won’t believe who clips coupons


Indian Technology Workers Worry About a Job Threat: Technology
American workers have been concerned about job loss, Indian tech workers may start having similar concerns as automation continues making strides.

Jeff Bezos says Amazon will ‘keep investing‘ in India as rivals raise new war chests
Bezos has pledged to continue to invest in India as it bids to keep pace with rivals in the country that have landed large investments from big-name backers.


Seattle and minimum wage
Seattle was the first to raise the minimum wage significantly in recent years. Did it have an effect on employment? That depends on which study you want to believe.

The 25 highest-paying jobs you can get without a bachelor’s degree
Don’t have the time or money to get a bachelor’s degree? Don’t fret. There are plenty of high-paying jobs that require only a two-year associate degree, postsecondary nondegree certificate, or even just a high-school diploma.

5 Careers Where Women Earn More Than Men
These jobs turn the table on the pay gap.


This is why millennials can’t have nice things (or save any money)
Avocado toast is the least of young Americans’ worries.

Investing tips for grads (and their parents)
With graduation season upon us, we put together a short list of investing tips we wish someone had told us as we entered the workforce. Once we did, we stepped back and realized that all the same guidance can apply to seasoned investors.

Some millennials are investing in real estate both for retirement and for daily living expenses
Millennials should still consider a diverse portfolio — also investing in traditional stocks and bonds. It’s a good idea, too, to have an exit strategy before you buy, Webb said. Added Crutchfield: “If you don’t want to be tied down, you have to have


The highest paid player in the NFL says his wife still uses coupons
Gotta love this!

…That might explain Derek Carr’s response when a Raider teammate suggested that they go to the NBA Warriors clinching game a few weeks ago.

How Much Money Could I Be Saving If I Bought Household Goods With Coupons?
More than I thought, but not in the way I thought I would.


5 ways marriage affects your student loans
Marriage legally binds you to your spouse — but that doesn’t mean saying “I do” to another set of student loans. Each of you remains responsible for loans you took out before your wedding. But marriage can affect your loan payments, loan-related tax breaks and ability to pursue other financial goals.

Here’s how much it costs to be a wedding guest
The average guest at a wedding last year spent $888 per wedding, according to a study from the Knot. For those in the wedding party, the price of being a stand-up friend was over $1,000.


50 Free or Cheap Things to Do With Kids
Use this list to keep your children entertained all summer long.

Real Estate

Home prices are sky high, but mortgages are still cheap
Home prices have reached another record high, and buyers are feeling the pressure. But there has been one saving grace for buyers: mortgage rates.


Which Travel Rewards Cards Give You The Most Miles For Your Buck?
It used to be easier to earn free travel through airlines’ frequent flier programs. Once based on miles flown, a flight to Europe could go a long way toward a free flight regardless of the ticket price.

Retirement Planning

How You Are Sabotaging Your Retirement Security And What To Do About It
Plan providers call these “leaks.” When water is leaking under the sink in your bathroom, it will eventually damage wood in the cabinets, the floor, and even the ceiling below. Similarly, money leaking out of your retirement plan will erode future

How to save for retirement if you don’t have a full-time job
One of the biggest obstacles she sees freelancers facing when considering a retirement plan is that they’re left to fend for themselves

Be Honest With Yourself About Your Retirement Savings
If you had only been forthright from the start, the MD could have helped you. What does this have to do with retirement planning?

Investing with ‘green’ ratings? It’s a gray area
Buying into companies based on environmental, social and governance factors, has become a hot trend on Wall Street, spawning a new industry that sells investors company ratings based on those factors and funds dedicated to rated companies.

The Best Retirement Calculators…
How much you need to save for retirement.

Thriving After an Early Retirement
Being debt-free can allow you to move confidently into retirement after a late-career layoff.


Google Will No Longer Scan Gmail for Ad Targeting
After years of complaints by privacy advocates, the company said it will stop the practice on its free email service to eliminate confusion around its advertising policies.

Dirty money: 80% of cash carries cocaine — and more
Identifying foods people eat or the drugs people use based on interactions with money might not seem all that useful, but scientists are also using these types of data to understand patterns of disease.

Why Does Hulu Drive More Cord-Cutting Than Netflix Or Amazon Prime?
When people think of subscription streaming video services, Hulu is usually part of the discussion but is often treated as secondary to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Yet, despite this third-place image of Hulu, it may be the streaming service that is most likely to contribute to people cutting the cord with their cable provider.

Will deep dish pizzas on flights make people hate flying less?
How airlines are updating their menus.


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