Tuesday bits: It costs $233,610 to raise a child, Fastest growing jobs in America

It costs $233,610 to raise a child
If you’re thinking of starting a family, you might be in for some sticker shock: Raising a child could cost you nearly a quarter of a million dollars. A middle-income, married couple with two children is estimated to spend $233,610 to raise a child born in 2015, according to a report released by the Department of Agriculture Monday. And that number only covers costs from birth through age 17 — so it doesn’t include college expenses.

Best Jobs in America: Fastest-growing
Demand for biostatisticians are projected to grow a solid 34% over 10 years. What other careers on CNNMoney and PayScale.com’s list of America’s best jobs will see big opportunities?

Get Your Finances in Order With This Month-by-Month Guide
You don’t learn everything about money at once. Most of us take a series of steps in the right direction until we finally feel in control of our finances. If you’re not sure what steps to take, Credit.com has a monthly guide to help you get started.

5 Things Your Financial Planner Isn’t Telling You About Retirement
Personal finances can get complicated fast, which is why many people seek the assistance of a financial adviser. Especially when considering your retirement, it can give you extra confidence to know that a professional is helping ensure you make the best decisions for your future.

6 Grocery Purchases That Will Be Cheaper in 2017
In case you haven’t noticed, 2017 is here and bringing a whole bunch of changes. With a new president in the White House, a second hike in interest rates by the Fed since 2006, a long list of U.S. cities with higher minimum wages, and a broad range of changes coming to the states

How to Build a Retirement Strategy While Reducing Risks
You don’t necessarily have to take big risks to reap big rewards; a low-volatility investing strategy may be best for you.

Why Pet Owners Should Care About Banfield & VCA Animal Hospitals Coming Under Same Corporate Umbrella
A pending merger will put a number of the nation’s biggest veterinary care chains — VCA Inc., Banfield Pet Hospital, and BluePearl Veterinary Partners — under the ownership umbrella of candy and packaged foods giant Mars Inc. This deal will add VCA’s nearly 800 hospitals into what some critics say is a one-size-fits-all medical assembly line.

What we keep and what we don’t
I participated in a time-honored holiday tradition this year: the annual pulling of stuff out of my parents’ attic and hoofing it to my own home. I live in a rambling 1920s house with more than enough space, and it seems like it’s time. However, it’s not particularly easy to get rid of things.

10 Fun Books That Will Get Your Kids Excited About Money
Chances are, you want your child to be financially wise, but every time you start to talk about money management or smart spending, your kid conveniently tunes out. Fun books are the perfect way to get your children thinking about money.


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