Tuesday bits: Money, jobs, taxes, and free burgers

Happy Tuesday. Are you investing your money? If so , you may be under-performing the stock market. The article below, Investing mistakes to avoid in 2017, is a must read for any investor.

If you are looking for a job, there is one mistake which half the job-seekers make. It’s an easily avoidable mistake, yet many people continue to make it. This simple mistake may be keeping you from landing your dream job.

Yesterday marked the beginning of tax season. Yes, I hear you. This is not a subject which most people want to think about. We have an article today which discusses nine expenses which you can deduct. Also, did you know that if you earn less than $64,000, you may be able to file your taxes for free. That includes the software to fill out your tax return. Further, the filing due date this year is April 18th (April 15th falls on a Saturday.)

Speaking of free, there’s also free burgers at Shake Shack! Enjoy!

Your Money

Can You Pass This Key Financial Test?

It’s no secret that Americans are behind in their retirement savings, which should be a top priority for everyone — but not before they’ve funded an emergency savings account. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey by GOBankingRates.com, 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.

If You Can Afford to Spend It, You Can Afford to Save It.

More money does not automatically mean more savings!! It doesn’t matter how much you make, it matters how much you’re spending. A $200,000 earner can be just as poor as a $20,000 one.


Investing mistakes to avoid in 2017

Every year there are studies that discuss why investors under-perform in the markets. Dalbar’s QAIB, Morningstar, BlackRock and others present data that show the average investor often buys high and sells low. I have discussed the Dalbar reports in detail in my book. Building Wealth. This article looks at several reasons why people under-perform the market. EVERYONE should read this.

Real Estate

5 Credit Mistakes That May Keep You From Buying a Home

If buying a home is one of your resolutions for the new year, you’ll need to make sure that your credit is in good shape. Since the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates more than once in 2017, mortgage rates may climb. Having an excellent credit score can work in your favor. But having a bad credit score could keep you from buying a house. As you navigate the home-buying process, here are some common credit mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Social Security

What You Don’t Know About Social Security Could Cost You

Social Security is America’s most popular “retirement plan” by far, but it’s poorly understood by millions of Americans — especially those who are yet to claim their benefit. To help you make smart Social Security decisions for you and your family, here’s a quick guide to how your Social Security retirement benefit will be calculated, how your retirement age affects your benefit, and whether or not your spouse may be entitled to a higher benefit than they think.

What Will the Average Retiree Get From Social Security in 2017?

As of January 2017, the average retiree receives $1,360 per month from Social Security, and the average retired couple gets $2,260 each month. That works out to an average annual benefit payment of $16,320 for an individual or $27,120 for a couple

Tax Season

9 Expenses You Can’t Deduct On Your Tax Return

If you want to shrink your tax bill or beef up your refund, claiming all the deductions you’re eligible for can be a smart strategy. Deductions reduce your taxable income. That’s a plus if you want to hang on to as many of your hard-earned dollars as possible. But there are limits on what you can deduct. Here’s a look at some expenses you can’t deduct in most cases.

File your tax return for free

Filers with adjusted gross incomes of $64,000 or less can make use of the IRS’s list of free filing software linked from its website. The IRS has arranged for free use of 12 popular preparing services that include familiar names such as TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct, subject to some simple limitations.

What Is a Personal Exemption?

Filing taxes can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t know the meaning of certain terms. In order to complete your tax return, you’ll need to know the difference between tax credits and deductions, and standard and itemized deductions. You’ll also need to know what personal exemptions are. If you’re not sure how personal exemptions work, read on. We’ll fill you in.


The American debt trap limits options for the young

Generation X and older millennials are the most debt-laden people in U.S. history. Back in 2014, researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis looked at how debt levels varied by the age of the head of household.

Time Is Not on Your Side When It Comes to Credit Debt

If you binged on gifts and entertainment in December and your card balances are higher than you were expecting, it’s important to make a plan to pay down the debt as quickly as possible, credit experts say. “Don’t put those bills aside…”

Student Loans

At Student Loan Giant Navient, Troubled Past Was Prologue

In my most recent book, Building Wealth (for the rest of us), I discussed the student loan debt problems. An article in the NY Times suggests that Navient, the nations second largest administrator of such loans, has been deceptive and unscrupulous in their management of these accounts. The article indicates thaT the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau said Navient, which oversees $300 billion in student loans for 12.5 million borrowers, failed customers “at every stage of repayment.”


The Average Salary of a Pharmacist

If you’ve been to the pharmacy lately, you may have found yourself wondering how much pharmacists make. Being a pharmacist, at least at the retail level, involves a lot of standing, long shifts and dealing with customers, which might not be for everyone. On the plus side, salaries in the field are high. Let’s take a look at the average salary of a pharmacist and where pharmacists earn the most.

Almost Half of Job Applicants Make This Same Foolish Mistake

It’s hard finding jobs the days. Hiring professionals in industries far and wide, when looking at applications ranging from entry-level to upper management, say almost 50% of the applicants are making the same mistake. It’s really the most basic of mistakes. One which anyone can avoid. Is it grammar? Poor choice of words? Not completing an online test, or answering questions incorrectly? It’s…


Which airport has the fastest internet?

You’ve probably noticed that your internet experience varies a little when traveling, but you likely had no idea how much the airports you’ve chosen to fly through affect the mobile internet speeds you’ll achieve. So who’s winning the airport internet game?


Google Maps may soon tell you how bad the parking is at your destination

Users of some versions of Google Maps will now see a tiny “P” emblem beside the time and distance to their destination. If the parking options are “Easy” or “Medium,” the emblem will be blue. If the options are “Limited,” the emblem will turn red. The feature will appear when users are traveling to public spaces such as restaurants, airports, and malls. One key caveat is the traffic volume isn’t in real-time — merely an indication of how easy or difficult finding parking is on average.


Here’s How You Can Get A Free Burger At Shake Shack

If you’re the kind of person who prefers free food over food you have to pay for — and who isn’t? — we’ve got some good news for you: in a bid to woo customers into downloading its new mobile app, Shake Shack is offering customers a free burger.

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