Tuesday links 05.17.16 Realtors lining up if Trump elected, McDonald’s Arches National Park?!

3 Tactics For Paying Off Student Loans Faster (And Reasons Why That’s A Good Idea)

Buffett buys Apple and it magically is transformed from a growth company to a value company?

The Cheap Ticket to the Elite Class – A nice read about how to raise your kids in an regular household and the positive results you can achieve. Mr. Mustache’s article are always worth a read, but a slight warning his writing style comes with language that is a bit off-color, like his frequent use of: badassity. Regardless, the content is inspirational and well worth the read, for instance:

But despite this painful shortage of luxury and privilege, I always felt very well off. And now I have somehow ended up with a life that sits at the very pinnacle of good fortune. Swimming in an incredible surplus of wealth, happiness, energy, ideas, and a support network of other fortunate people.

As much as I’d like to chalk this up to some superior combination of personal moral character, amazing intelligence and Badassity, the truth is that much of it comes from a gift that my parents gave me as a child: an absolutely Elite education.

Realtors lining up to sell your house for you if Trump gets elected. I recall people writing “RIP USA” when “W” got reelected. There’s frequently considerable doom-and-gloom coming from one side of the aisle or the other.

Amazon will start selling its own private-label groceries, diapers, and more

Who is the wealthiest person in your state?

No, The National Park Service Isn’t Going To Give Away Park Naming Rights To Corporate Sponsors — that’s great to hear, but I could’ve imagined names like:

  • DeBeer’s Yellowstone National Park
  • McDonald’s Arches National Park
  • Denny’s Grand Slam Canyon National Park
  • U2 Joshua Tree National Park
  • Marlboro Great Smoky Mountain National Park
  • Virgin Airlines Virgin Island National Park
  • and finally, perhaps this would just be a regional advertiser: Joe’s Mortuary’s Death Valley National Park.

Okay, clearly, I have spent too much time on this… I’m happy that there won’t be any corporate naming rights for the parks…



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