Tuesday links – Amazon no longer price matching… except TVs

Amazon is no longer price matching – Tech Crunch reports that Amazon has quietly ended its price protection policy on all products except for televisions. The change to the company’s policy comes at a time when a handful of startups have launched to help consumers automate the process of requesting refunds when prices change on online sites, including Amazon and dozens of other e-commerce stores.

A shock to the system…. literally, a UK firm has developed a wrist worn device which will give you a shock if you spend too much. Do we really need this type of aversion therapy?

Looking for work? IBM apparently has 20,000 job openings – Revenue at Big Blue has been declining for four straight years; the company is laying off an undisclosed (presumably large) number of employees — the first round last March totaled over 5,000 — but simultaneously they are hiring thousands more. The Wall St. Journal reported last week that

The company said on Friday it had more than 20,000 open positions. Two employees reached Friday said that IBM’s internal job-search tool listed between 7,000 and 8,000 open positions.

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