Tuesday Links – January 26, 2016


Recently, we wrote about the differences between an equal-weighted S&P 500 fund and the more common, market-cap weighted fund. Here’s a look at the performance of these two funds over the past year. (via stockcharts.com)

The turbulence in the stock market to start the year has many investors feeling skittish. Treat investing as a marathon, not a sprint. (Nerdwallet.com)


Social Security income is the foundation of many retirees’ financial security, and it pays to get the most out of this valuable benefit. For many people, that means single retirees and the primary wage-earner of a married couple should delay the start of benefits as long as possible. Not only does this enhance the expected lifetime payout for the worker, but it can also increase the paycheck for a surviving spouse. But there are a few pervasive myths about Social Security benefits that some people use to rationalize starting benefits as early as possible. (CBS News)

How will getting divorced affect my Social Security benefits? (PBS Newshour)


Your Money

How to save money: Start your financial savings plan with these 18 simple tips (Today Show)

11 Money-saving passes and subscriptions to try (Forbes.com)

Do you have enough money to retire on? The Motley Fool experts weigh in on this. (Motley Fool)

Real Estate

When is the best time of the year to sell your house? The CEO from Zillow.com discusses this topic. (Zillow via CBS News)

Should you refinance your mortgage? Deciding whether to refinance your mortgage is more complex than just the current interest rates. (Huffington Post)

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