Tuesday’s bits: 5 things that are worth the money

Money bits

5 things that are worth the money – “Unlike a lot of the other advice out there telling you to cut back on everything and live in a tree house until you die (“no burial costs needed when you let Mother Nature do her thing!”), I encourage people to spend extravagantly on the things you love – as long as you cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t.”

Trump would hike taxes for some in middle class – “President-elect Donald Trump’s proposals would modestly cut income taxes for most middle-class Americans. But for nearly 8 million families — including a majority of single-parent households — the opposite would occur: They’d pay more.”

How to Calculate Your Personal Savings Rate – “Savings is a huge part of personal finance. In general, you can do always do two things to improve your financial situation: save more and earn more. Although earning more is a lofty goal, income is never guaranteed. But if you have solid savings and have established good spending habits, you can pretty much live on any income.”

Ways to Shop at Whole Foods Without Going Broke – “Yes, it is possible to shop at Whole Foods without spending your whole paycheck – if you learn the tricks to saving money at the upscale grocer.”

Retirement bits

3 Retirement Rules Everyone Should Follow — at Any Age – The sooner you start saving and investing for your retirement, the better off you’ll be. You’ve all heard this… many times from me. These three retirement rules are simple, logical.

How Much to Save for Retirement – “Retirement savings calculators are a good place to start. These tools assess how much money you have saved in tax deferred and taxable accounts, your current tax rate and your projected rate of return over time, which can give you a ballpark of how much you need to save on a monthly or yearly basis to reach your savings target.”

What to Do When Your Employer’s Retirement Plan Sucks – “…what if, after looking through the paperwork you received from accounting or HR, you find yourself facing a harsh reality? You figure out the good news: your employer does offer a retirement plan. But the bad news? Well, the plan they offer is terrible. Nevertheless, you want (and need) to start saving for retirement.”

Credit Card bits

5 Ways to Manage Your Credit Cards Like a Pro – “…there are a lot of ways you can get all of the benefits of credit cards while avoiding the drawbacks. Here are a few ways you can manage your credit cards like a pro so the drawbacks aren’t even on your radar.”
HSBC Bank Credit Cards – Up to 40,000 Rewards Points – “There are several HSBC Bank credit cards available that offer up to 40,000 rewards bonus points after qualifying purchases and no annual fees.”
Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card $150 Cash Rewards Bonus – “The Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card does offer an interesting cash redemption option, allowing you to use your Wells Fargo Debit or ATM card to redeem for cash at Wells Fargo ATMs ($20 increments), so this is an added benefit if you are already a Wells Fargo banking customer.”
Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express – Review – “sed properly, the Medallion benefit can be incredibly valuable, and arguably alone makes Platinum Delta SkyMiles worthwhile. Aside from the rewards program, this card has a host of generous perks and benefits that collectively outshine those of many competing cards.”

Misc bits

How to buy a new HDTV without getting ripped off – “If you can buy a 4K panel for the same price as you were going to get a 1080p panel, go for it. But if you’re shopping for a TV that’s 50 inches or smaller, and the 4K option is pricier than the 1080p version, go with the 1080p set.”

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