Wednesday bits: Retiring young… in your 30s, Weddings on the cheap, Tax season

Yes, it’s that time of the year again: tax season. Learn how to plan for tax season and how to avoid scams related to tax planning.

No one wants to think about taxes and no one wants to plan for their retirement. Learn simple things you need to do to start saving for your retirement. As always, there earlier you start…

Tax, saving for retirement. Ugh, what’s next? Budgeting! Learn how to easily budget your money.

On a happier note, learn how to plan for a wedding from folks who did it on the cheep, and how a couple actually retired from work in their 30’s!

Frugal Living

A Frugal Wedding Adventure: The Planning Phase

Here’s a interesting story of how the happy couple married and stayed frugal: I recently got engaged. I managed to stay frugal throughout the entire process. My ring did not set me back three months’ salary. I got a reasonably priced ring made from a small operation in Chicago that uses reclaimed wood to make beautiful jewelry. It confused my family, who was baffled by its lack of diamonds, but it delighted my fiancee. I proposed to her on a hike, not at a five-star restaurant. All in all, the proposal process fit our style, and it did the bare minimum of damage to my checking account.

A 12-Month Plan to Raise Your Credit Score in 2017

Are you ready to finally gain control of your credit scores in the new year? Working to improve your credit is an admirable resolution, and a very wise use of your time and energy. And it’s more than simply scoring points in some kind of game. There are real financial benefits to boosting your credit score from, say, 670 to 800. So, let’s get started: Here’s a 12-month game plan to lift your credit score this year.

4 Ways to Save More of Your Income This Year

Saving more of your income is a noble goal but one that many people give up on too easily. For Americans 70% have less than $1,000 in savings and 1 out of 3 have no retirement savings.

Want to retire in your 30s? Cool! Here’s how I did it

At 35, this man retired from full-time work. Now, he spends his days pursuing things that make him happy, not answering to bosses, filling out time cards or sitting on conference calls. Those days are in the past – long behind him.


Here’s How the Stock Market Works

If you’re new to investing, the stock market can understandably seem confusing. However, understanding the stock market doesn’t need to be too difficult. While it’s impossible to explain every detail of how stocks and the stock market works in a single article, here’s an overview of the basics.

IRA Phaseouts: How Will They Affect My Retirement Savings?

IRAs are a great way to save for retirement and get helpful tax benefits. However, the IRS restricts your ability to use fully the tax breaks that IRAs offer if your modified adjusted gross income for tax purposes is above certain limits.

The 3 investing questions retirees need to ask

When trying to make your money last in retirement, every penny counts. And you can lose a lot of those pennies in surprising places. That’s why all retired investors should ask themselves three questions to see if they are wasting precious retirement resources.

How to Move Sustainable Investing Into the Spotlight

For the last 25 years, before joining the Climate Trust, my career was centered almost exclusively on timberland investing. The corollaries between sustainable and timberland investing may not be apparent at first, but U.S. timberland investing is based almost entirely on sustainable forestry.

Three money numbers you need to know

Calculating the ratio is a key exercise in “Your Money or Your Life,” a guidebook for the simple living and early retirement movements, first published in 1992.


Walmart Adding 10000 Jobs, Investing $6.8 Billion in US Stores

Walmart announced Tuesday that it will create 10,000 jobs and invest $6.8 billion in its U.S. operations, drawing a cheer from President-elect Donald Trump. Walmart said its plans to create 59 new or relocated Walmart and Sam’s Club stores would create 24,000 construction jobs. The jobs Walmart promised would come from those new stores and increased e-commerce services.

Automation killed 17,000 roles at a huge tech and services firm — but no one actually lost their job

Automation replaced 17,000 people’s jobs at one of the world’s largest professional services and tech firms Accenture over the last 18 months, but no one actually lost their job.

Retirement Planning

The Biggest Complaints About 401(k)s

Saving for retirement is a lot like going to the dentist. We all know we should do it, but it’s easy to procrastinate because it’s painful and boring. As intimidating as investing is, a 401(k) is a great start and a great savings motivator. 401(k)s are far from perfect, though.

How To Start Saving (And Why It’s So Hard To Get Going)

Americans aren’t great at saving. In an oft-cited statistic, almost half of Americans (46 percent) report that they wouldn’t be able to handle an unexpected $400 expense and would have to go into debt to pay it. Another 21 percent reported that they’d deal with three months of unemployment by borrowing from friends, selling assets, or taking out payday loans.

Tax Season

Best Money Tips: Avoid These Common Tax Season Scams

Today we found articles on common tax season scams to avoid, tips for booking cheaper flights, and driving habits to avoid this winter. Top 5 Articles How to Avoid 4 Common Tax Season Scams — Quick tax preparation shops pop up every year.

5 Common Tax Mistakes We Need to Stop Making

In an ongoing effort to prevent tax fraud and collect the right amount of money, the IRS audits close to 1% of all returns. If being audited by the IRS isn’t nerve racking enough, about 30% of audits are made in person, adding extra pressure. So, let’s start 2017 on the right foot.

Your Money

Earn 3% Cash Back on Gas and a $100 Online Cash Rewards Bonus

The BankAmericard Cash Rewards Card awards 3% cash back on gas…

How to Track Your Expenses with Zina Kumok

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Budgeting As A Verb

A budget that’s a thing, that someone just hands to you, or just sits there? It doesn’t require much of you. Maybe some numbers get plugged in at paycheck time, sure, but you can kind of set-it-and-forget-it. A budget suggests looking back passively; to budget suggests actively making your way to the future.

Dayton ranks among top cities with highest credit card debts

Americans are projected to have added an additional $80 billion of credit card debt at the end of 2016, mirroring outstanding balances close to what was seen during the Great Recession.

Real Estate

Dallas Tops Forbes List Of Places To Invest In Real Estate

Forbes has named Dallas as the top city in it list of places to invest in real estate for 2017. Their figures indicate Dallas property values will increase by 30 percent in the next 3 years.

Mortgage rates advance

If you’re purchasing or refinancing, it may be a great time to lock in a rate.

Chart of the Day

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