Wednesday links 05.18.16 Home Price Declines by $500K in Bay Area

Silicon Valley Mansions Linger on Market in Real Estate Slowdown – Apparently, home prices in the bay area may have hit a plateau. A house down the block from Larry Paige (co-founder of Google) and Lauren Powell Jobs (the wife of the late Steve Jobs) just lowered their price by $500,000. It’s now selling for just $7.5 million. It’s not just the bay area that’s seeing a slowdown on these pricey homes. The sale of luxury real estate is slowing statewide, with homes costing more than $3 million sitting on the market 52.5 days in the first quarter, compared with 40 days the year before. My favorite quote from this article: 

Given that a larger proportion of the $3 million-plus category is purchased with cash…

Student Loans – According to the St Louis Fed, delinquency rates remain high

Retiring Soon? – Here’s 9 things that you should do if you are within five years of retirement.

Do you know Digit? Want to save more, but don’t want to actually think about it? Digit offers automatic savings.

Sell your stuff – Got stuff you want to get rid off and get a few bucks? Here’s a summary of five apps. Doesn’t anyone just use eBay anymore of is that just something that only your father uses? 😉

De-clutter your receipts – Most people have their receipts strewn all over the place, which makes it difficult to reconcile when the bill comes? (Does anyone still reconcile their monthly statements? Something tells me many people just pay the bill and never really look at; well, perhaps just a glance…) Dough Rollers presents a way to remove the clutter from your desk via Google Drive. Personally, I’m not too keen having all my stuff on the Internet, but if you are comfortable with that, this might be worth your consideration. Me, I’ll stick with the old fashioned envelope approach; each time I empty the credit card receipts out of my wallet, I put them in their respective envelopes — a different one for each credit card. This makes reconciliation a breeze.



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