Wednesday links… When Bankruptcy Is the Best Option

When Bankruptcy Is the Best Option – Bankruptcy sounds scary, but Liz Weston has written an article for our friends at NerdWallet. She does a great job explaining when and why it may be the right decision. She discusses all aspects of debt and how it relates to bankruptcy as a potential option. I particularly liked one sentence:

Most of us feel we have a moral obligation to pay what we owe — if we can. But typically that ship has sailed by the time people realize they need to consider bankruptcy.

New home prices on the rise– From the Census Bureau: “The median sales price of new houses sold in April 2016 was $321,100; the average sales price was $379,800.”

Free Money! – Well, for those in Switzerland…  Swiss citizens may be getting guaranteed income. Switzerland is considering giving every adult citizen a guaranteed income of $2,500 a month. No questions asked. The country is holding a national referendum on the introduction of a basic income on June 5. Its supporters want the government to guarantee each person a monthly after-tax income of at least 2,500 Swiss francs ($2,520).


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