Today’s bits: Why airlines overbook; How Walmart can beat Amazon; Facebook as Venmo; Irony Alert: Digit to charge you to save money

Improve your credit score – 5 smart moves to better your credit and boost your credit score to 800 — or higher

Looking for a new mortgage? – 7 Things to Do Before Applying for a Mortgage

Rates are down, applications are up – If you are looking for a mortgage, you’re not alone. Rates dropped and the number of applicants is up.

Got Debt? – While normally, it makes sense to pay down debt as quickly as you can, there are times when that’s not the best course of action.

Lowering credit card fees – Surprisingly, it’s not all that card to lower your credit card fees. All you need do is ask.

Lazy may be your best course of action – Success, according to Michael Lewis — author of The Big Short, Moneyball, The Blind Side, etc. — can come from laziness

Airlines are “United” in their overbooking – By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the passenger being force-ably removed from a United flight earlier this week. The airline overbooked their flight and needed to have four people removed from the flight. It’s common practice for airlines to overbook. This article will tell you what your rights are. (I just flew on United a week ago. Lucky for me, no one dragged me off the flight. I’ll be flying them again before month’s end. Wish me luck! 😉 )

Walmart offering an interesting deal – They will lower their already low prices if you order on line and, instead of shipping, you pick up in the store. I have ordered products online from WalMart and picked them up in the store. It’s easy and convenient, but as it the case with casinos, WalMart makes you walk through the whole store to pick up your merchandise. Presumably, you’ll see something you want to buy and you’ll still have to wait in line at the checkout, so your savings might get eroded due to your impulse buy. Still , an interesting concept. Curious to see how it plays out. This idea of buying on line and picking up in the store for an added discount is something that (for the most part) Amazon can’t do.

The rich are getting richer – See why the richest cities are pulling away from the pack.

Splitting the check with Facebook Messenger – Among millennials, especially those obsessed with credit card rewards, paying for a group dinner often involves deciding who gets to charge the bill to their card while everyone else pays their share using the Venmo mobile payments service. That could change now that Facebook has rolled out group payments in its Messenger app. The idea is that if you make dinner plans using Messenger, why not pay for the meal that way, too?

Digit is now charging you money to save money – Digit has been an awesome tool for finding extra money in your budget and automatically saving that money. However, they recently decided to start charging customers a monthly subscription fee of $2.99. If the irony of paying money to save money is too much for you, here’s how to move on.



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