Why Our Kids Don’t Have The Money Smarts To Live In The Real World

Why Our Kids Don’t Have The Money Smarts To Live In The Real World
Shame on us for not teaching our kids to be financially literate. But, in fairness, how can you teach something that you, yourself don’t understand? A 2014 survey conducted by The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) indicated that 40 percent of adults gave themselves a grade of C, D, or F on their knowledge of personal finance. And, “nearly three in four adults (73%) agree – and one in five (20%) strongly agree – that they could benefit from advice and answers to everyday financial questions from a professional.”

Money Makeover: Couple nearing retirement contend with long unemployment
Many baby boomers looking for steady work have been stuck in their own personal recession. Reverberations from the economic crash wiped out his career as a high-earning salesman. Financial planner Carol Somoano, reviews couples’ situations.

What you should never do with your money
So many times in life you’re told when it comes to your money, do this, do that, do this. In this article, Suze Orman discusses three things that you are never, ever to do when it comes to your money.

Apps, websites, even CDs can help keep you in control of your money
Budgeting, bill paying, health care spending, investing, taxes, insurance, argh! It’s not easy to stay on top of it all. So here are some new ways to get your finances organized. Track your health care spending: Try SimpleeONE. It’s bad enough if you are ill or injured and need expensive medical treatments, but the subsequent tsunami of paper statements, bills, and notices from multiple health care providers and insurance companies can be overwhelming. SimpleeONE turns awful into awesome by organizing all of the information in one place.

How Your Kids Can Help Cut Your Tax Bill
As you rush to finish your tax return this year, don’t overlook the ways your children (or grandchildren) can save you money. As a busy parent, you may feel fortunate just to finish your income tax returns by April 15, let alone find the time to investigate ways to reduce your state and federal income tax bills. Most Americans Think the Wealthy Don’t Pay ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes, but devoting a few extra minutes of your precious time to these potential tax breaks could save hundreds or thousands of dollars on what you owe to Uncle Sam for 2014, as well as in the years to come.

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