Why Stocks Belong in a Retirement Portfolio

Why Stocks Belong in a Retirement Portfolio For years, the trope in retirement planning was to reduce the stock holdings in your portfolio and add bonds as you neared or entered retirement. That advice is being challenged. It goes against the grain to suggest that a successful retirement portfolio might need more stocks. Doesn’t that mean more market risk? It does, but weighed against inflation and bond-market risk, it could mean the difference in having enough money in one’s 80s or 90s or older.

Should You Time the Markets When Experts Can’t? Many fund companies routinely claim their experienced management and propriety research give them a leg up on knowing where the markets are headed next. But is it true? Have mutual fund managers made profitable timing decisions ahead of the markets’ next movements? The past 15 years has been an ideal time to test timing skill given two significant stock market downturns: the technology bust of 2000 and the financial crisis of 2008. Both periods were characterized by a sharp downturn in equity prices, rallies in government bonds, and widening spreads on corporate debt.

Will the New FICO Scores Make It Easier for You to Open a Credit Card or Buy a Home? MyBankTracker recently reported on the latest FICO changes, which will incorporate your utility payments and rental history to determine your score. Today, I’m taking a more in-depth look at how the new model will make it easier for people to qualify for loans or lines of credit going forward.

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